Dear Summer

by Z.P.



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released June 21, 2015

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Z.P. Middleburg, Virginia

Born and raised in the #DMV. Just a young man that loves to make music. All in all, my music is my bio.

I produce, engineer my own music, rap, and croon (for lack of better words, but I wouldn't call it singing) on occasion.

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Track Name: Love's Intro
Love’s Intro

My Dearest Summer,

I know it’s been way too long but…”Ain’t It Funny How Time Flies” and just “Slips Away.” Honestly, it’s kinna bitter-sweet, a difficult Maze of “Joy and Pain” but I guess that just means that we’ve both been having fun…finding ourselves. I miss you. Soulchild, you are my Musiq to ride to when it’s “Sunny” outside. I miss Kooling with the Gang and sparking that “Summer Madness” when we’d Camp Lo down at Coolie High those “Uptown Saturday Nights.” I miss…crackin’ the Seale on a brew and letting that “Summer Breeze” escort those “Happy Feelings” to the people that’s still “Living for the City.” I miss…letting the music play “All Day” to take my mind off the War...{laughs} the War. I miss those “Cocoa Butter Kisses” from your granny, “Morning Sunrise.” Yeah, I still remember her. She’d always say to “shine your light on the world.” Reminds me of what my “Umi Say,” so, from me to you, “shine your light for the world to see,” girl…Because we miss you…We all miss you…’Cause I mean, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” and damn it gets cold when the seasons change. So, stick around this time and I promise to do the same. I promise. I promise.

Yours truly forever,
Track Name: Heaven's Afternoon (A Dream Deferred)
Heaven’s Afternoon

If I make it to heaven, I pray I c my cousin Erin
I pray I c my uncle Curly, I pray I c my granny Velma
I pray I c my cousin Carla, Even though I never met u
‘Cause shit ain’t quite been the same, ever since yah left us
But I know you in a better place, so these emotions is selfish
But damn folk, we miss u, and I promise I’ll never forget u
I’ma tell me kids all about u, I’ma tell ‘em all I remember
Like everything that yah taught me, out of every conversation wit u
Like never forget where you came from, and always count your blessings
‘Cuz we could all die 2moro, yeah nigga that’s no question
‘Cuz our time on earth is borrowed, just in case you never knew
N’ if somebody hitn’ my phone, E I’m hoping that’s you

But that’s a dream deferred, n’ they don’t always come true
So I put one in the air, n’ mix the gin with the juice
Then I ride around my city, with the top down on that coupe
With Aaliyah playin’ thru the speakers, n’ all I’m thinkin’ ‘bout is u
Niggas try to tell me that I pray too much but that’s just what I do
‘Cause when the beat touch yo soul, you just gotta speak the truth
Even tho it might hurt, U just gotta tell ‘em the truth
U just gotta tell ‘em the truth!! U just gotta tell ‘em the truth!!!

My greatest fear is that I do just like my pops and leave
So my promise to my seed, is that I’m not gon’ leave
They not gon’ want for nothing, especially not from me
And they gon’ be spoiled rotten, all becuz of me
I pray you get to know your granny, and your uncle G
‘Cuz they made me who I am, but u gon’ be better than me
And I put that on my life, I’d giv it all to you
Just to see you smile in Heaven’s afternoon
….In Heaven’s afternoon
Just to see you smile in Heaven’s afternoon
‘Cuz they say, when it’s raining and the sun is shining too
That’s yo people in Heaven, smiling back at you
‘Cuz they say, when it’s raining and the sun is shining too
That’s yo people in Heaven, smiling back at you
Track Name: Dear Summer (A Letter From Your Heart)
Dear Summer

Listen to your heart

Dear Summer,
It’s been a minute since we last kicked it
And I do apologies, hence me writing this letter.
But to my recollection, it was you that told me to use my heart and not my eyes
Nor my mind but nevermind
‘Cuz I was never good at saying, “Sorry”
The right words always seemed a bit too hard to find
That’s why, when I made you cry, it was that much harder for me to wipe the tears
from your eyes
Especially when I left you for winter
That bitch was cold and bitter, but shit life goes on
I mean, how u think “A King’s Prayer” came along
I’d b thinking of you when I’d write those songs
But…I just didn’t know it…too immature
Either that or I was just too coward of a man to show it
But I must admit, over the years I’ve noticed….
That’d I’ve grown a bit, I must say
‘Cuz I’m not the same hooligan…
That I used to be…
‘N I’m not quite as tempted, by the foolishness….
Or the coonery…but trust, I still have my flaws
One of which being, not getting back right with u
I’m missing spending them summer nights with u
I’m…missing that summer breeze
And the madness that came with it, type of shit that kept my mind at ease but…
Finally, I realize and see
That, with you, is where I’m trying to be
N’ you’re something that I kinna need
But while in the midst of finding me, I neglected you
Mistreated and disrespected you
So now I guess it’s nothing left to do
Than to ask for your forgiveness, Summer, so please forgive me
Signed sin-cerely, your heart girl
Track Name: Fly Away (Zoom)
Fly Away (Zoom)

I jus wanna get away
From all the struggle and the stress
Make it to a better place
That’s why I’m praying for the best
But preparing for the worst ‘cuz you never know
Here today but 2moro might be dead n’ gon’
So u gotta go n’ get it even when it’s tough
And can never entertain the thoughts of giving up…’cuz I really want
A new car, a new crib
A beautiful wife, a few kids
With a big front yard n’ a white picket fence
N’ a pool in the back and a closet full of kicks
N’ my mom n’ uncle ain’t gotta worry ‘bout shit
‘Cept kickin’ up their feet n’ where to plan the next trip
That’s the life I’m tryna live
‘Cause that’s the life I wanna live…but for now…

(I may be just a foolish dreamer, but I don’t care)
(Because I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere)

N’ I’d like to fly away
So that’s why I’m trying to find a way

I jus wanna get away
From all the pushers and the politicians
So take me to a better place
Where the cops ain’t tryna kill us
N’ it’s no war n’ no famine, no pain
No killin’, no dying in vain
No injustice, no lies n’ no games
No depression, no clouds n’ no rain, this is all that I pray
N’ I kno I’m askin’ for a lot
But listen to what I gotta say
‘Cuz if u can make it thru the night
Know that it’s a brighter day
N’ I know it takes patients
But somethings gotta give
So you gotta get it how you live ‘til u livin’ how your really wanna live…but for now

(I may be just a foolish dreamer, but I don’t care)
(Because I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere)

N’ I’d like to fly away
So that’s why I’m trying to find a way
Track Name: Ecstasy

So I ran into this out of town chick at the function
She was cooln’ in the cut, wasn't much on clubn’
Sipn’ a coke n crown royal on the rocks
Said the only reason that she was there was for her cousin
Who had jus turned 21, and they was celebrating the occasion
Told me her name was Asia
South Carolina born n raised but she graduated with a degree
From North Carolina A&T
Was about to tell me her major but then she stopped herself
Said she didn't normally talk to strangers
I peeped how she was tryna play it shy
But her body language was sayn otherwise
So I jus played along with the signals
Said, “If I'm making you feel uneasy, I can leave, it's not an issue.”
She said, “Nah, stick around I dig the company.
“I jus never had the chance to enjoy the luxury
Of a brother properly coming up to me
Without it being so obvious what he want from me
But u seem a little different
So I'ma giv u my number, then maybe one day soon we can kick it.
So, u better hit me up.”
I'm like, “Baby girl, that ain't a problem, jus kno I'm not the type to jus giv it up.”
She laughed and that's when her favorite song came on
And then we danced while she sang along like.....

So put it on me girl, so come n’ put it on me girl
Won’t you put it me, now won’t you put it on me girl
‘Cuz I need it and I want it girl, n’ I like it n’ I love it girl

So, some time passes
Conversations getting deeper now, it’s nothing on my mind but her fine ass
She a dime but she classy like a wine glass
Point the pinky when she sip the potion
My OG keep saying she got my nose wide up
But I ain’t tripn’ ‘cuz she a little different too
She got ambition, workin’ on her masters
Full time job, paying for tuition
A lil’ Miss Independent…
My Cherie Amour forever that’s what I tell her
‘Cuz she got me actually reading these 4 page letters
N’, shit, even writing some of my own
But it’s whatever ‘cuz she keep it 100
Rock her hips when she walk, plus she act just like her mother
‘Cuz she never really knew her pops
But she’s never bitter ‘bout, she just work with what she got and…
Needless to say she working with a lot
The girl perfect
Reminds me of the chick Mos Def was talkin’ ‘bout back in 1999
Track 4, Black On Both Sides
She got me feigning for that natural high
So I guess it’s safe to say that I’m addicted to her ‘cause she…..

So put it on me girl, so come n’ put it on me girl
Won’t you put it me, now won’t you put it on me girl
‘Cuz I need it and I want it girl, n’ I like it n’ I love it girl
Track Name: The Burg (Whipn)
The Burg (Whipn)

Flow masters, top down
Gold Daytonas, I’m ridin’ ‘round
I’m ridin’ ‘round
I’m ridin’ ‘round

7-Trey Chevy, beating down the block
White walls n’ gold Daytons, just let the haters watch
Go-Go music crankin’, got the rich white people pissed
‘Cause I’m riding thru the city, like I don’t give a shhh….
My AC on, my ceiling cracked…might as well just peel it back
Cut the music up a lil bit, all my niggas feelin’ that
Everybody screaming let me ride, I’m just being cool and kickin’ back
N’ all the girls is showing love, you show me love I show it back
I just let my girl whip it, ‘cuz she already know how to keep it trill
Just adjust the seat a lil bit, then she gon’ n’ twerk the wheel
N’ I’m feelin’ good ‘cuz I been sipn’, Apple Crown in my system
N’ I just love it when I’m whipn’

When I’m whipn’ thru the burg….
Rollin’, swervin’, leanin’
Plotn’, schemin’, ridin’ clean n’
When I’m whipn’ thru the burg….
Thru the burg….
Swangin’, tipn’, whipn’
Crooked sitn’, ridin’ sixes when I’m
Whipn’ thru the burg….
When I’m whipn’ thru the burg….

Just picture me rollin’, whip it like it’s stolen
Ridin’ out never knoddin’, ambitions as a rider
My seat back I’m reclining, switchin’ lanes like I’m faded
Watchn’ for oppers, I know you see me swangin’
I know you see me swervin’, I know you see me stuntin’
I don’t do it just to hurt ‘em, I do it for my cousin
For my aunt and my uncles, n’ especially my mother
N’ all of my niggas, I call ‘em my brothers
‘Cuz they was there when we starvin’, n’ they was there when we was walkin’
They just glad to see a nigga shinin’, giv a damn about how talkin’
They just glad to see a nigga livin’, I can’t even describe the feelin’
Damn, I love it when I’m whipn’

I got my mind on my money, money on my mind
Reppin’ VA ‘til the day that I die
Chopped up, screwed up, ridin’ thru the streets
Getn’ faded like the date was January 14th
I got my mind on my money, money on my mind
Reppin’ the DMV until the day that I die
Chopped up, screwed up, ridin’ thru the streets
Getn’ faded like the date was January 14th

I just tell her take her time when she whipn’
Passenger seat back, I’m reclining, I’m chillin’, with my Henny in hand, my Henny in
Damn, it’s been a minute….
But it was all part of the plan ‘cause you know I’m still the man
Yeah, you know I’m the man, girl you know I’m that nigga
I do it for all of my niggas, they all rollin’ with me
Swervin’ thru my city…bangin’ my own shit
My nigga, you know me, I’m focused, just picture me rollin’
N’ I done came down like hold up
Let my girl whip it when I roll up, crank session ‘bout to go up
Rest in peace to Polo and Chuck
DMV what a nigga reppin’ so it’s VA that I’m throwin’ up…throwin’ up
When I’m swangin’, I’m tipn’, I’m swervin’, I’m leanin’
Ridin’ clean n’…plottin’ n’ schemin’….
It’s a reason they hatin’ whenever they see me
Whenever they…whenever they see me whipn’ thru the burg
Track Name: The Ode Farewell
The Ode Farewell


I reminisce back to that “Golden Time of Day” when I fell in love with your essence, my soul sister. You were product of “The Miseducation of the Negro” and a collection of “Songs in the Key of Life”, a grade ahead of Lauryn Hill. Add a pinch of “Brown Sugar” and the soul of our ancestors, but you were hurt…a beautiful mess. ‘Cause Winter had broken your heart too. But you had quickly learned that there “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City.” You were “Like Water For Chocolate,” a “College Dropout,” a caterpillar that had built her cocoon on the “Rose That Grew From Concrete.” “Hey There Lonely Girl”…I understand that it’s “Human Nature” to cry but dry your eyes because I got you. I promise. I promise that I always got you…always “until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky or the ocean covers every mountain high.” I always got you “until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea or until we dream of life and life becomes a dream.” Trust and believe I always got you. On my life, that’s word to Stevie Wonder. So know that, even when I leave or when the seasons change again, as they always do, my heart is forever with you. My heart is forever yours. My heart is forever yours.

So until we meet again,

Track Name: Snake Hill & 611
Snake Hill & 611

I guess this story starts back in ‘97
Das the summer my pops left us
I was 5 years old but I couldn’t sweat it
Became a man on the corner of Snake Hill n 6-11
Man, I grew up on that intersection
Now, to my hood, I'm like a living legend
But it's plenty niggas that had it worse than me
So early on it taught me to count my blessings
Walk across the street from school down to Aunt Jane’s
'Fore u even got in the house, u cud smell the crescents
Sweet potatoes n’ the Mac n Cheese
But before we ate, she made me do my lesson
The divorce had my mama stressing
My uncle dealing with being diabetic
Then middle school came n’ the shit was hectic
Man, I swear the shit was crazy as an adolescent
‘Cuz that’s Aunt Jane passed n Uncle Curly too
N’ a couple other ppl that I barely knew
N’ yeah that shit hurt but that's just life
Das y in all of my verses I tell the dirty truth
Then high school came n Erin went to Tech
That spring, Cho shot up the fuckin’ school
Tattooed tears on my face n I'm just a freshman
Fam lookin’ at me like, "What we gonna do?"
I'm like, “Shit nigga, I'm only 15”
And I ain't got a fuckin’ clue
Fuck it, put the world on my back
Told ‘em we gon’ do what we gotta do
That's the move that was logical
We finna get up out this bullshit, I promise u
That's what I told my uncle n my grandfather too
But most especially Mom Dukes
Das when I fell in love with Hip-Hop
Started freestyling on the bus ride after school
But don't get it twisted, I was ‘bout my business
‘Cuz it was homework I still had to do
‘Cuz I was tryna get up out the shit
Yea I'm talkin’ bout that box that they got us in
So next thing u know, I'm at A&T
On a full academic scholarship
A young nigga on his college shit
But still making beats n’ rhyming shit
Graduated, May 2014
On my Summa Cum Laude shit
Tears of joy from my mom n shit
I know she proud of my accomplishments
So the biggest lesson the struggle taught me
Is that success is how u define the shit