Poetry, Power, & Pistols EP

by Z.P.



released November 5, 2016

Executive Producer: Zachary Peterson
Co-Executive Producers: Lan-B and Don James
Recording & Initial Mixing by Zachary Peterson
Final Mixing & Master by Jake Vicious of House Studio DC

Instagram & Twitter: @zpeterson1992



all rights reserved


Z.P. Middleburg, Virginia

Born and raised in the #DMV. Just a young man that loves to make music. All in all, my music is my bio.

I produce, engineer my own music, rap, and croon (for lack of better words, but I wouldn't call it singing) on occasion.

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Track Name: Enemies
[Verse - Gil Scott-Heron {from "Evolution (And Flashback)}]
In 1600, I was a darkie, And until 1865 a slave
In 1900, I was a nigger, Or at least that was my name
In 1960, I was a negro, And then Malcom came along
Yes, but some nigger shot Malcom down, Though the bitter truth lives on
Well now I am a black man, And though I still go second class
Where as once I wanted the white man's love, Now he can kiss my ass

Middle finger to my enemies
So tell em they don't want no problems
Cuz I done already went to hell n back
N the way a nigga feel it jus make me wanna holla

[Verse - Muhammed Ali to College Students]
I’m saying, you’re talking about me – about some draft, and all of you white boys are breaking your neck to get to Switzerland and Canada and London....I’m not gonna help nobody get something the negros don’t have, because if I’m gonna die, I’ll die right here fighting you… You’re my enemy. My enemy is the white people, not Vietcong or Chinese or Japanese. You’re my opposer when I want freedom. You’re my opposer when I want justice. You’re my opposer when I want equality. You won’t even stand up for me in America, for my religious beliefs, and you want me to go somewhere and fight but you won’t even stand up for me here at home.
Track Name: Thru the Eyes of a G
[Fred Hampton Speech]
We've got to defend ourselves. We intend to defend ourselves. We've did so in the past and we gonna do it today and the day after that and the day after that...Because only through the proper example of the self defense and the proper example of retaliation and by letting these people know that we move for some basic laws. That anything that goes down on the oppressed people, on the part of the oppressor, it should be reciprocal. And, in plain politarian workers language, it takes two to tango. As soon as these motherfuckers go, we go.

Thru the Eyes of a G...nah, better yet
Through those of a revolutionary, Huey P. Newton and Malcolm X
A rebel, fist raised to the heavens, screaming "Black Power" til our lungs burn
The other hand flipping the bird
Harsh words to the oppressor...
Gripping my nuts, giving a fuck whether the shits offensive
Intentionally disrespectful, 'cause a white man can kill a black man n' never face a sentence
They get a raise and a dinner with steak
But switch place and we're convicted, property of the state
Forever trapped in the system and improperly placed in a
Max security prison with an hour a day
....3 hots n' a cot
But I think it's time we flip the script on 'em, let 'em know how poverty taste
Sit back and watch how their policy change
'Cause I mean its a reason Ice T made "Cop Killers"....
'Cause cop's killing...Why the fuck you think we constantly dodging the jake?
'Cause we just tryna dodge the grave
Hold up, cut the beat, I got something to say

Fuck the fame and the riches 'cause i'm in this for greatness
I spit that shit for them niggas that dodged the needles and razors
Came up in the trenches but they handled their business
Missing that prison sentence and taking care of their babies
This for them OGs
Fist to the heavens steady screaming "fuck the police!!"...'cause them niggas is racist
'Cause their so quick to book us when we're doing the crime
But ain't nowhere to be found when we need them to save us
My eyes open when I pray but I ain't kneeling to Satin
I keep 'em open 'cause I know niggas is thieving and snaking
And the pigs tryna put me in a pine box
'Cause their scared and afraid of the fact that I'm young and I'm black and most of all educated
Plus, I'm tryna burn every fucking confederate flag
Top of my lungs screaming,"Fuck a confederate fag!!"
Tell them busters they can suck a black yankee doodle
Had to take the beat out to make sure they heard what I'm saying to 'em
'Cause they're so fucking pitiful, it's sickening, I hope they feel the hate I'm coming with
This revenge, fuck the punchlines and the funny shit
'Cause what niggas really fail to realize is that they used to enslave us with the same chains they cuff us with
So fuck it then, I think it's time we let 'em piss their drawls
'Cause they're thinking the same shit whenever the pistols drawn
So I'm ready for war, a young black rebel with a cause and you heard it from me
'Cause we don't deserve justice, then they don't deserve peace
Track Name: Remember
Blowing dank, Henny out the bottle to the face
In my uncle name, middle finger to the jake
The semi on the waist, "God's Son" across the belly
Screaming "THUG LIFE" til I'm dead and in the cemetery
Bury me a G at Snake Hill and 6-11
N pray my soul escape and make it through the gates of heaven
N fuck it if u disagree but it's still fuck Donald Trump
Cuz I'd rather hold my head high and die than live and duck
You gotta stand for something, cuz Uncle Sam ain't ever hand is nothing
Exploit the culture and then try to take advantage of us
But we flipped the script, started doing damage
Rubber bands and hundreds...so now they just can't stand us
So we throw it in their face
Twisting fingers up, throwing up the gang
Put that on the set and in my last name
It's all disrespect, pissing on their grave
So fuck what you heard and what you say
Fuck the police and the KKK
Fuck the judge and the fucking DEA
N anybody else tryna lock a nigga in a cage (pussy ass niggas)
And I ain't one for calling names but I just call a spade a spade
Politicians switching up but conditions still the same
Cuz they don't really give a fuck and just don't understand the pain
Or the reason why we yelling for change
Track Name: Legendary
Crutches, crosses, caskets
Poetry, power, pistols blasting
Verses, stanzas turn to holy scriptures, chapters...
Reagan still got em fiendin',
Addiction, itching, scratching, pacing, twitching, fingers tapping
Trigger finger slipping, 4-5th's is clapping...It's dead bodies in the streets
All from bloods and crips n catholics, Christians, bitches, bastards
All courtesy of Richard Nixon
I mean, for real, how u think they killed the black panthers?
How u think they murdered Martin and Malcolm?
Divide and conquer, it's all simple mathematics
Give us section 8 housing then evict us
Uncle Sam teach em how to be a slave again
N take filing taxes out the curriculum
Delete it from the syllabus, Lauryn Hill's case wasn't a coincidence
Miseducation the difference
Racism still alive they just concealing it
The police target practicing on my silhouette
N that's a hell of a phrase to swallow
Kill a nigga today n get a raise tomorrow
Then pray to the savior, that he forgives u for killing another man
N that I forget u lynching my brother
And disrespecting my mother and raping my sister
Then exploiting the culture jus so u could get richer
And then got the nerve to wave a confederate flag in my face
N get mad when I got something to say
Like "Fuck the Police" and "Black Lives Matter"
"Black Power"...u see the pride in this black panther
Refusing to becoming just another statistic
A black rose the maneuvered the trenches
N came up out the concrete jus as Tupac prophesied
Lemme emphasize, the revolution won't be televised
It's too real and too necessary
Cuz too many brothers like myself in jail or in the cemetery
N it's too late to make us forget...
Because we already legendary
Cuz legends never die
I said they try n take us out of history and make us forget
Problem is we already legendary
Track Name: A Soulful Contrast
[Malcolm X - Speech at Oxford University]
We are living at a time of extremism...a time of revolution....a time where there's got to be a change....people in power have misused it and now there has to be a change and a better world has to be built and the only way it's going to be built is with extreme methods. And I, for one, will join in with anyone...don't care what color you are...as long as you want to change this miserable condition that exists on this earth. Thank you.
Track Name: James Brown & Crown Royal
Til the day a nigga die, I'm screaming fuck Donald Trump
I don't beat around the bush, I get str8 to the point
Put his face to the pump, make a mess in the place
So test if you want, n u rest in yo grave
Can't believe half the shit that u say
Just a fuckn snake in a suit and tie
Have the young boys run up on him with the blank face
Split ur toupee, drop him off where the shooters ride
Label that shit a fuckn suicide
N fuck all the politicking, it's do or die
I'm talking closed casket procedures in the cathedral, the people stupefied
While the pastor eulogize
Cuz it's blood on the leaves
And poison in the holy water
Pay attention to what you believe in
Cuz it might jus come back and haunt you forever, Lord have mercy on they're soul
...And forgive them for they know not
Praying for forgiveness when I load the glock
And explode on a bombaclat, you know me
Knock his head off his shoulders
Let the Holy Ghost console him
As hollow tips penetrate his colon, fold him over son
All that slow singing and flower bringing, somebody call the coroner
Word to the notorious (Biggie!!)
I kno, It's a motherfucking pity, let the poet preach to him
While he double Dutch the gun powder
Let him taste the paranoia
Drunk off the Funk, this that James Brown & Crown Royal
Track Name: Pray
So I wake up in the morning, get on my knees and pray
....Thank God for the day
Thank you for the struggle, thank you for the pain
....Cause I wouldn't have it any other way
So I wake up in the morning, get on my knees and pray
Thank the man up stairs for the day
For the frustration, and especially for the pain
....Cause I wouldn't have it any other way

The last time I seen 'Pac, I was staring in the mirror
Facing Henny to my uncle's name, that thug life
Wipe the tears from my mama's face on the rough nights
Like smile for me Ma, cuz we gon b aight
I promise, til they put me in a box, I got us
And let this 38 be my witness
Empty the clip on anybody tryna go against us
Like hit em up n tell the judge give me a life sentence
Cuz das light compared to 500 plus years in the system
Like what good is having laws of all they finna do is bend em?
In they're own favor...so nigga motherfuck forgiveness
I talk that shit cuz I remember...
I remember having no lights, n dry cereal for dinner
Moms ain't eating, lemme really paint the picture
Kids teasing bout ur sneakers and ur stitches cuz they're hand-me-downs
Pops was missing, no heat in the winter
Can't sleep cuz of the chinchis, constant scratching and itching
Let me paint it for u
Nah, for real, let me paint it for u
Can't walk the streets cuz police constantly tripping
Tweaking on u, all cuz of ur skin's pigment
But fuck the bullshit, ain't gon never catch me slipping
That's that rider's ambition
....Poetry, power, and pistols
....My lyrics my ammunition
Track Name: Love is Pistols/Faith Speaks
[Poem/Prayer Verse]
Love is Pistols
....Love is Pistols
Father God...I come to you, a humble and weary servant...
Because I see now that Love is Pistols {laughs}
Yes, yes y'all, Love is pistols and it's a damn shame
What's going on? What's Going On?
Father God, I only ask because I find myself praying for peace now more than ever
Cuz the fact is we need it now more than ever
So again I ask, what's going on?
Really? Does anybody know?
Like for real, What's Happening Brother? Do you know? Mother? Sister? What's happening?
Cause it seems like these many distractions just got us Flying High (In The Friendly Sky)...
Clueless to what really matters
But see, Father God, I'm torn between either trying to Save the Children and my brothers & sisters...or trying to save my mother's heart (and will) from being broken from having to bury her only child.
So fuck a rock and a hard place
I'm stuck somewhere between the business end of a pig's Berreta and finishing my skittles & Arizona fruit punch
The curse of conditioning is the condition. So again, I must ask, what the fuck is going on?
Mm, my Father God...
Well, the one thing I do know is that God is Love
Mm hm, Mercy Mercy Me, God is love
....And the same goes vice versa
So the question now becomes: What is love?
What is love?
Father God, what is love?
Love is small talk on 125th and Lenox. Yea, Right On, brother.
Love is Holy. Love is "Wholy Holy."
Love is hearing Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues" just after cracking the seal on a brew while kicking it with the crew on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
Love is a smooth verse from Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou....
With a backing orchestra of ebony strings,
Composition and direction by Clinton Utterbach
Father God, Love is black and black is beautiful
Love is unconditional, Father God, but Love is violent
Love is violent
Love is a battlefield in a never ending war
Cause Love is freedom, Father God
And, that said, Love is pistols...
So Father God, I ask, as I come to you, your humble and weary servant, I guess I just pray that my oppressor doesn't confuse power with privilege.

Forever in your name....


[Faith's Voicemail]
Hey, look, I know this is mad random, but I'm watching the news and I'm just becoming more infuriated by the minute like...like I don't - I don't know what it feels like to be a black man in America, but I know what it feels like to be black in America, and that alone is stressful, so I just wanted to tell you that you do matter, despite all this bullshit that's going on. Well, hit me back when you get this. Love you. Bye.