Quarter Century Freestyle

by Z.P.



Quarter Century Freestyle


They try and told me I ain’t got it like I used to
Cuz a nigga getn’ older now….pockets getn a lil’ swoller
25 years young, I make it do what it does
And don’t be trippin’ on a nigga cuz you knew what it was
Now watch me….picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture
Bomb the hoochies with precision, my intentions to get richer
Give a fuck about your feelings, young nigga from Virginia
“Ambitionz Az A Ridah” boomin’ out the speaker system
Reporting live from the DMV
By way of the burg til I D-I-E
Representing that Lo-Co, westside
Snake Hill n’ 611, yea that’s where I reside
In the V-I…R…to the G-I
To the motherfuckin’ N-I-A
And if you thinkin’ Virginia’s for lovers
Psssh, fuck around and end up M-I-A
And the shit ain’t nothin’ new, bitch it’s been that way
‘Cause we duckin’ the po-po and the KKK
Where we mixing the Go-Go with the 808
Niggas tucking the 4-4 n never hesitate to spray
N it's fuck Donald Trump til day I'm in the grave nigga
Talking that shit, fuck around n need a grave digger
I remain, the descendant of a slave
So no matter where I go gotta remember where I came from
Wish a pussy ass nigga would say something
Have em praying for a drought when the rain come
The young nigga with the clout niggas rap about
Cuz my rapport been up to par since day one
It's the big bad bully on the playground
Making sure they all remember the name
Coming down on these niggas, OG, quarter century shit
N the rest go without me having to say


released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Z.P. Middleburg, Virginia

Born and raised in the #DMV. Just a young man that loves to make music. All in all, my music is my bio.

I produce, engineer my own music, rap, and croon (for lack of better words, but I wouldn't call it singing) on occasion.

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